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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Reynard, the roamer of rooves...

On a pretty breezy morning a cacophony of post-dawn Carrion Crows were an alert for a large and bushy-tailed Fox on nextdoor's flat workshop roof; the crows followed him as he made his way across the neighbouring gardens.  A Cormorant set off from the pond roost heading west soon after.

Later at the pond a 25-strong mixed tit flock (mostly LOTTis) was moving through and alarm-calling the presence of a Sparrowhawk which circled a couple of times before heading off into the gardens. Several Migrant Hawkers were on the wing and a calling Cetti's, the first in a while, was in the south side scrub. A female shoveler was the first one back.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Blank Redstarts (sic!!)

Meadow Pipit

A breezy day, great for windsurfing but not so good for encouraging either of the two Black Redstarts out from amongst the chalets despite two passes, one before and one after lunch. A juvenile harrier made the usual run across the top of the meadow, via the frying pan and on along the river, so, as usual out of camera range. Even in sheltered spots little passerine activity with just a couple of Chiffs and no sign/sound of the possible YBW.

On the beach the roosting Turnstones and Ringed Plovers were disturbed by a tog but later, on the hightide, the former were stretched out along the very close strand line adjacent to the chalets and far less bothered by people when feeding.

The west side 'manicuring' has been done to great effect with clear views all the way through to north scrape which produced a single Greenshank, although it feels as if the three days of disturbance has had a knock-on effect on the number of birds

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Quick response !!

The Hungarian group responsible for yesterday's colour- ringed Med Gull got back to me overnight.

2014.06.15.;8;20;Szeged (Fehér-tó XI. - Korom-sziget);Hungary;HG43;46.3347;20.0825;Domján András;
2015.06.08.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Jos Jacobs;
2016.03.12.;7;81;Boulogne-sur-Mer;France;FR07;50.7333;1.5833;Eric Petit-Berghem;
2017.04.16.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2017.04.17.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Jos Jacobs;
2017.07.25.;7;81;Wissant (Hameau de Strouanne);France;FR07;50.9;1.6833;Renaud Flamant;
2018.03.04.;7;81;Paimpol (Beauport);France;FR32;48.7667;-3.0167;Patrice Berthelot;
2018.03.14.;7;81;Doelpolder-­Noord (Beveren);Belgium;BL27;51.0333;4.2333;Dirk Draulans;
2018.03.16.;7;81;Doelpolder-­Noord (Beveren);Belgium;BL27;51.0333;4.2333;Dirk Draulans;
2018.03.16.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.03.23.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.03.24.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Bram Van Loock;
2018.03.25.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.03.28.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.03.29.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.04.23.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.04.24.;7;81;Antwerpen (Total-colony);Belgium;BL20;51.2569;4.325;Renaud Flamant;
2018.10.10.;7;81;Arundel (WWT);Great Britain (UK);GBSX;50.8636;-0.5519;Russel Tofts;

And map here

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Look Russ, no rings!!....

An uneventful trip to Pulborough on a glorious day which descended into heavy mist at the bottom of the A29 but recovered an hour or so later.

As the mist cleared two or three Stonechats popped up on fence posts, a good few Skylarks were flying around calling and a eventually a distant Peregrine set off on a chase. Two or three Clouded Yellows were bumbling around and another was later along Adder Alley; also Red Admirals, Common Blues, Small Copper, Speckled Woods and a Brimstone.
As per yesterday, lots of Hornets presumably licking up honeydew.

Ten or more Snipes and a couple more Stonechats was about it for the north brooks.

Over lunch a nicely-lit Red Kite drifted over Upperton's Field.

At Arundel, just a brief distant Kingfisher, a drake Mandarin and less than 30 Med Gulls including this Hungarian bird and a juvenile with an unreadable metal ring. Many washing and bathing birds performed this 'dangling leg' shake to remove water which was useful in establishing no colour rings present as they flew by.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Various, including Med Gull info..

Collected a few bits and bobs and ended up at PHP where, for the first time since Spring, no sight/sound of Chiffies nor martins; in fact mostly birdless barring a calling Firecrest in the Ivy patch and a Red Kite in from the north.
Pretty noisy today, mostly down to a continuously circling police helicopter trying to locate a dementia patient in the area helped by a few bike officers.

Sadly, no Yellow-brows although, with birds on Hayling and at Titchfield today, hopefully one will pop up somewhere this month. Insect wise lots of Hornets at the 'alley' heading determinedly right to left either from or to a nest; earlier one was buzzing around the car at Hazleton lights. A fresh looking Comma was on Water Mint near the car park and the heat encouraged a few Migrant Hawkers up. No Ivy Bees today.

Subsequently, a brief binocular-only visit to Farlington in gorgeous weather, and at high tide, was very pleasant with the lake being full of birds, mostly Dunlin, Black'wit, Redshank and Grey Plover but also a few Knot,  four Bar'wit, twenty or so Ringed Plovers, three Snipe and a Curlew. Amongst fifteen Pintail were a couple of males still well short of winter plumage. A Water Rail was just below the viewpoint in deep shade, a couple of Beardies pinged in the distance and a Kingfisher called from behind whilst dashing across the harbour towards the dock.

The point field was home to a big bonfire with three Kestrels in attendance and two others distantly off the reserve. A final flurry of raptors, with a Sparrowhawk flushing things on a run through the RA and lastly a distant inbound Osprey which circled a few times before heading towards North Binness.

Got home to an email from Camille regarding last weeks 'new' Med Gull at Arundel:-

White 3157 right Bruxelles E946506 >3CY 12/05/2018 Total, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BELGIUM 51,15N 4,19E Pauwels, André

White 3157 n 20/05/2018 Total, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BELGIUM  51,15N 4,19E Flamant, Renaud

White 3157 c 22/06/2018 Sint-Amands, Antwerpen, BELGIUM  51,03N 4,13E Pauwels, André

White 3157 v 03/10/2018 WWT Arundel, West Sussex, GB  50,52N 0,33W Tofts, Russell

Monday, 8 October 2018

Another Nimitz in the bay...

An unplanned non-wildlife visit to Petersfield, then QE and return home before deciding it was too nice to stay in, so off to Titchfield where the Nimitz class USS Harry  Truman was anchored in the same spot in Stoke's Bay as last year's sister ship the USS George W Bush; and much the same size and aircraft carrying capability.

On a smaller scale, the above yacht does seem to be a favourite for high-tide roosting Turnstones. From the viewpoint it was nice to see this female Volucella zonaria, the first in ages, pottering around amongst the bees, including a few Honey Bees and terrestris or lucorum agg. A couple each of  Water Rail and Cetti's were heard but sadly no time for checking out the chalet area for Amy's Black Redstart.

Friday, 5 October 2018


Another day of alternating weather, today being stunningly blue and very warm but the early mist ensured that the Fawley Chimney was floating in mid air with a foghorn sounding from nearby. The Dartford Warbler was still by the west entrance in association with a Stonechat and a Rock Pipit was on the beach.

Yet more Ivy Bees sharing food with wasps and the odd Red Admiral, a number of which were inbound over the Solent.

On the east side just two Ravens in the meadow

Returning to the car and scoping westwards produced a 1cy Little Gull off Brownwich amongst BHGs.

A Buzzard drifted high over the house heading inland over a cuppa mid-afternoon