Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Burton Mill Pond (SWT)

An hour here on the way home produced a mixed bag. The new boggy pond was alive with chasers but the ground was  too muddy to get within camera range. At least one Scarce Chaser  sat up but was heavily back lit. Three new hoverflies for the year - Chrysotoxum bicinctum (pictured), Eristalis nemorum and a very nice Volucella bombylans var plumata.

A few Speckled Yellows were buzzing around and a pair of Hairy Shieldbugs were joined end on end.

A Garden Warbler sang away nearby and within a few yards of a Blackcap doing likewise, for a nice comparison. The roadside vegetation held the usual damsels but no dragons. Two nice tachinid flies namely Tachina fera and Cistogaster globosa


Dummy text with HOS Link and a sub adult Gannet from Bempton Cliffs some year back.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

A surprise at Titchfield

Whilst chatting to a TH volunteer we came across this strolling across the path, 'rescued' it and popped it up in a tree. Assuming it was 'waspish' I popped it onto what I though was the appropriate Facebook group. Big mistake! However , once suggested it was a sawfly then tracking it down to Cimbex connatus was pretty quick.
Sorry for poor picture.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Butser Hill

After a slow start with the morning paper, coffee and sausage and egg bap at QECP, I finally got going on a nice bright morning. Unfortunately, it was a little too early in the day and the path I planned to walk for hovers was in deep shade. Three singing firecrests, well concealed now, a single Bee fly and a few Xylota segnis were all so could find in 20 minutes so I drove around to Butser.
Despite living reasonably close for most of my life this was my first visit here. By now the weather had cooled and it was mostly overcast. Still good numbers of Early Purple Orchids and Cowslips with a few butterflies on the north facing slope with Duke of Burgundys and Grizzled Skipper the best and Small Heath the most numerous. Precious little birdlife other than a few skylarks and not much in the way of insects although a late find of Xanthogramma citrofasciatum, new for me, was easily the 'find of the day' and pictured here.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Milky Way

A chance encounter with a gentleman at Petersfield's Heath Pond (quick lesson in differentiating Goat Willow etc) led me to going off to  in search of Ramsons and hence Portevenia maculata. I was told the area was called the Milky Way but assumed it was a local name;  little did I know it's marked on the OS Map as such!!
Despite not having a clue where I was going I managed to find the site just as the temperature dropped and clouds blew in. So no sign of PM.  Heading back, the sun popped out and several Merodon equestris started buzzing around, thoroughly dusted in pollen (pictured). Arriving back at the car a Firecrest was singing strongly and came to check me out when I started pishing. Amazing how this bird's population has rocketed since I started birding.

Lunch on a bench by the pond and a couple of village pics.

Earlier at Heath Pond several singing Reed Warblers including two in bramble scrub and one in a garden adjacent to the road which was  still singing here on the 27th!!(This post being written retrospectively).