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Monday, 26 March 2018

A proper Spring day

A longer journey than usual involved a detour via Portchester and Fareham, eventually getting to junction 11 and generally heavier traffic than usual through to Blashford where a quick stop for fuel, coffee and lunch.

J6x4 was already on site with one of two Oak Beauties relocated for photography; I put the other in a sunnier but still well camouflaged position for a few pics. The few other moths were small and brown and ignored!!

The warm and bright conditions brought out plenty of Eristalis tenax and pertinax, various bees including Honey, Nomada spp (probably fabriciana ) and Andrena spp (bicolor or  bimaculata). Long chat with various people including a catch up with Kevin and his NFBG members; a Kingfisher was calling up and down Dockens Water before eventually zipping over the reception pond.

The better conditions produced lots of Brimstones, although just a single female and a couple of Peacocks; unfortunately I couldn't refind Kevin's Beeflies but did managed a Grass Snake close by, but very alert and speeding off into thick cover.

At Tern Hide just a few Goosanders and Goldeneyes, again two Red Kites and single LRP but no migrants. The Little Gull had been seen earlier but didn't reappear but a nice but distant 2cy/3cy Iceland Gull showed distantly.

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