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Friday, 7 April 2017

A gorgeous sunny spring day with just a light sea breeze. One Marsh Harrier was carrying sticks, which bodes well even if only a prospecting bird.

Five Water Voles were very active near Meadow Hide with this one being the nearest to photogenic. Just one Swallow was a 'sign of spring' although a heard only LRP went north.

The gulls seemed very nervous all day and this Sparrowhawk was one of a displaying pair, in this case unsurprisingly photobombed by a BHG.

Plenty of Speckled Woods but strangely little in the way of hovers (although Eristalis intricaria was nfg) and no beeflies today.

These two Oystercatchers were looking to increase the population.

And then the ditch near Darter's Dip was full of Roach.

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