Monday, 10 April 2017

FM etc

Walk around Farlington bins-less, so limited number of species and some heard onlys including first Reed Warbler of the year.

This island had a pair of sitting Avocets, one of which was keen on repelling crows, assisted by gulls and Lapwings. A good number of Med Gulls were high overhead, glistening in the sun and almost invisible to the naked eye. Sadly, no Wheatears and no sound of Sedge Warblers.

Yesterday, was a day in, a little too hot to be in the car and probably busy with Easter break fortnight just starting.

Calling Med Gulls somewhere up in the blue, two Willow Warblers singing, and just a single Barnacle Goose (so presumably no breeding this year). One family of Mallard, ten strong.

Plenty of Ramsoms but no Portevinia maculata - probably time to consider a trip up to 'Milky Way' in the next few weeks.

Lots of small hovers but no camera; plenty of Epistrophe eligans and Eristalis pertinax all sun bathing plus a single Myathropa florea. Many sunbathing queen wasps and several Speckled Woods.

Later, the numerous domestic pigeons down the road all flushed - a Sparrowhawk was circling up in the blue and a D-e Beefly was in the garden on Forget-me-nots with H-fFBs.

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