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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tenthredo spp -temula?

Between leaving and arriving at Blashford the best of the weather was lost so it was pretty grey and breezy all day.

The smart summer plumage Turnstone(above) was still present and was a site first for me; three LRPs were buzzing around with this one(above) in close. Still a few Med Gulls, plenty of Swifts (75+) and a pair of mating Great -crested Grebes plus a distant Red Kite.

A few bits in the moth trap, Poplar Hawkmoth, Pale Prominent(above) being the best.

At Ivy South one or two vocal but invisible Kingfishers, 15 or so pairs of Common Tern on the rafts and another Red Kite. Insect wise a noticeable hatch of Alder (?) Fly and teneral damsels, presumably Common. A few Large Red and Blue-tailed along the path.

Back at the pond Rhingia campestris, Tropidia scita and Xylota segnis plus a few other common species.

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