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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Local stuff

On the way to Petersfield pond, a Red Kite overhead and on arrival far fewer people than a couple of weeks back thankfully.

A Reed Warbler in the south-west corner in reeds and another in scrub on the east side. About 100 Swifts, 50 House Martins and the odd Swallow. A Grey Wagtail was collecting food and another was calling from the grounds of one of  the houses on the west side, presumably the nest being there.

A Small Copper (below) was NfY but didn't pose long enough and, back at the carpark, three Orange Tips.

At QECP two Firecrests and a Buzzard. Lots of hovers but all Cheilosias, variabilis/ranunculi/albitarsis/pagana. The Xylota segnis below was typically mobile. Just Syrphus spp, Platycheirus spp and Meliscaeva auricollis.

On the vegetation piles from the 'tidy up'  (nice chat to grounds staff) a couple of Nomada spp,  the one below being a female marshamella.

On Butser, another couple of views of Kite and Buzzard, one Lesser Whitethroat, two Cuckoos (one being chased off by M'ipits), one Raven being chased by a crow and a couple of Skylarks. No Butterflies except for the Grizzled Skipper below - will be interesting to see how Bryn and Jan got on descending into Rake Bottom next time our paths cross.

Finally the A3 'roadside Buzzard' was in its usual spindly tree on the east side.

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