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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Set off in some discomfort and pretty soon decided  that the Weymouth Ross's Gull was a bird too far so decided to sit up for a while looking at/for Hawfinches and Goshawks. Unfortunately, and unexpectedly, the road was closed and in a senior moment I couldn't remember an appropriate alternative route, so re-circled the roundabout and continued on to Blashford. On the way I remembered the route via J2 and West Wellow but it was too lateby then.

Blashford was very busy on arrival with a particularly noisy group in Ivy South and for the most part was quiet on the bird front although this Goosander wolfing down a Perch was one of over fifty during the day.  The Sprawk surprised me hence the clipped wing!! Four each of Raven, Reed Bunting and Brambling was about it for the south side. The buntings were the first I've seen around the feeders this winter - maybe wild food is finally running out - this week's predicted cold weather may bring more birds to feeders generally.

A long chilly wait in an increasingly packed hide did eventually produce the R-bG thanks to good directions from JL, a Caspian Gull which I found on the west side - with bright sun not sure if this was the 3W bird or possibly a 2W. Both Black-necked Grebes were out towards Lapwing Hide and a Red Kite was off to the west. Eventually, I saw the Thayer's fly in and pitch up but before I could get people on to it all the gulls flushed - some cursing ensued!! Luckily, someone else refound it and after 10 minutes of uncertainty it finally gave itself up before swimming off behind the throng. At least a dozen Med Gulls were in the roost although I didn't find any Y-lGs.

On the bright side, no one who'd visited the Ross' earlier in the day rubbed my nose in it with frame-filling BOC shots!! Quick chat with Tracey before heading back for a late dinner.

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