Thursday, 15 February 2018


Finally the PB cherry-crushing ******* gave up hiding from me and provided a minute's worth of very distant views!! Elsewhere on the reserve 350+ godwits, three Ruffs, three Dunlins and a perched Peregrine which eventually slipped of to the west. Being typically 'late on parade' the Hen Harrier had shown to others before my arrival and then headed off the reserve.  A Red Kite, while chatting to CP and MT, was followed by a couple of Buzzards and Kestrels but precious few passerines other than 20+ M'ipits and a few Skylarks.

Earlier a brief visit to WWT was curtailed due to lots of noisy half-term groups. Just 15-20 Snipe, two Raven, a brief Kingfisher and the ridiculously confiding Goldcrest. This LOTTI was one of a group going into meltdown as a Sprawk cruised through. Talk of togs down Mill Road shooting into trees was presumably indication of Hawfinches.
EDIT MJ was one of the Hawfinch togs; if I'd known I would have parked up for a chat.

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