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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Beautifully cool...

... at 05:45 but the clear chilly nights are continually reducing the moth counts, last night just 15. Curiously, this was the first night without ANY Heart and Darts! The Buff-tip was the best of the bunch, Common Rustic spp and Bee Moth first for the year and Ringed China Mark, Eudonia mercurella and Bramble Shoot Moth were NfG/T.

Later at TH much warmer but with a pleasant cooling sea breeze on a high tide. The harbour swans have eight very large young but the Shelducks were down to five. Ten Buzzards, one each of Kestrel and Sprawk plus the female Harrier. Forty-five or so Black'wits, rather more Avocets and a single summer plumage Turnstone, presumably an early returner or one that didn't bother set off. Still no Common Darters and just too hot for most hovers but plenty of  other dragonfly action especially over the meadow

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