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Friday, 1 June 2018


Well, with mist and the sound of foghorns early morning followed by humid but overcast conditions and little breeze, it seemed as if the 'wildest' thing on this first day of '30 Days Wild in June' might be a trip to Morrisons!!

But a walk round PHP was not without some interest despite the crowds. About 40 Swifts, 30 House Martins, 5 Sand Martins and three Swallows were obvious over the pond, heath and town and four Reed Warblers were singing. The swans have hatched out and are now on the pond.

A few firsts for the year included these Common Spotted Orchids, hoverflies Volucella bombylans and Scaeva pyrastri (plus this 2ndfy Xanthogramma peqisequum s.s) and Large Skipper and Small Heath for butterflies. Lots of Silver Y moths were kicked up from the grassy area.

On the return journey probably 60 Med Gulls between the windmill and junction 2 and a single Buzzard.

This Codling Moth turned up early evening on the kitchen window.

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