Thursday, 31 May 2018

Quick list

Buff Tip 1
Heart and Dart 11
Hoplodrina spp (Vines?) 1
Lime-speck Pug 1
Green Pug 2
Freyer's Pug 1
Pug spp 1
Large Yellow Underwing 1
Pale Motttled Willow 1
Pale Tussock 1
Micro spp 2

The rain held off long enough for the trap to stay dry but this Buff Tip was the best; the Pale Tussock was scruffy.

Late morning at QE for coffee with K but torrential rain prevented a look around, although twenty or so Med Gulls crossed the road on the way up.

Back at base it dried out enough for a hover tick in the shape of this Helophilus trivittatus on the only patch of umbellifer within reach of the fence. On the south side hedges loads of Broad Centurions and a Eumerus spp plus a few Holly Blues and plenty of unidentifiable and unphotogenic black and yellow wasps. A single Large White also refused to sit still.

Oddest sight was a Great Spotted Woodpecker low down within the scrub adjacent to south side reeds amongst a lot of House Sparrows; I suspect it was looking for baby sparrows to eat.

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