Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Dragons galore

Most notable feature of the day was the number of dragonflies and damsels with 20+ of Broad-bodied and Four-spots, single Hairy and Downy, gazillions of Azures and Large Reds, a few Blue-tailed, two or three Beautiful Demoiselles and my first Banded of the year, a male, on Black Pond whilst chatting to Nikki.

Butterflies were pretty non-existent but some new hovers - Eristalis nemorum with males hovering over females, Eristalis horticola, Platycheirus rosarum, Leucozona leucorum and a Xanthogramma pedisequum in virtually the same bush as every year(!) adjacent to the Adder Alley fence - camera incompetence ensured no photo here.

Birwise a Grey Plover and a s/p Curlew Sandpiper had already disappeared by the time I arrived but the (nearly) s/p Spotted Redshank was still present along with at least four Ringed Plovers and ten Black'wits. Two drake Mandarin on north brooks with others reporting a female and young on the south brooks but no sign of the Garganey. Several Lapwing chicks were obvious and which were to be targeted by ringers this evening with GT in attendance; apparently Redshank chicks present also.

A Lesser Whitethroat was still rattling away near Nettley's but the Nightingales are now mostly silent.

On the raptor front a single kite and probably ten Buzzards, several of which were very 'playful'.

Back home the two female flower bees were still present.

P.S. Noted whilst writing this that the Chichester Peregrines are now ringed.

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