Monday, 7 May 2018


After a couple of housebound days with only Hairy-footed Flower Bees and Holly Blue, today's outing was mandatory despite the hot conditions. Too hot for most insects and precious few hovers on show unlike last visit, although this Cheilosia pagana sat up nicely - the Marsh Marigold corner was empty. Elsewhere precious few bees other than 30+ Nomadas and probably 35+ butterflies of eight species. Amongst the Large Reds a fair few Blue-tailed and Azure Damsels plus one or two Hairy Dragonflies which weren't keen on stopping for a picture.

The water in the Darter's Dip ditch is now clear and full of Roach.

Birdwise just two Ruffs (although Amy had a third), a brief Spoonbill and a hawking 2cy Little Gull which spent most of its time sat surface feeding on south scrape. The godwit above in non-breeding plumage was the only wader within range of the camera. Just a single Swallow was the only hirundine. Prior to arrival a GWE went east. Lots of noisy Common Tern display, a single 2cy Med Gull and a swan family with eight cygnets on the river.

Reserve fairly quiet but outside was rammed with sun-seekers.

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