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Monday, 14 May 2018

Eggbox Moth

Got to Blashford just in time to miss a Downy Emerald by 2 seconds and as many yards, perched up behind the single picnic table nicely following on from yesterday's 'dip' at Burton. So Emerald .

This Poplar Hawkmoth was sat comfortably in its eggbox so who was I to disturb it!! Another attempt at one of the Pebble Prominents was as rubbish as last weeks although no worse for lack of tripod.

What should have been a 'dragons' day was a bit flat with the above dip and just one Broad-bodied Chaser (still no blue males) and one Hairy Dragonfly plus the usual damsels. Pretty much no others insects of note other than a Ruby-tailed Wasp and birds were reduced to 25 Swifts, slightly more Sand Martins, one LRP and a distant Hobby. The Common Terns are going to have to up their game with the number of gulls on the rafts!!

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