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Monday, 28 May 2018

Site faithful Anasymia..

Woke before first light and eventually got up to check the moth trap which, unsurprisingly in such a brick-and-concrete urban site, produced little other than Freyer's pug, an Oligia, H&D, S-sD, three fresh Willow Beauties, a Turnip, a Pale Mottled Willow and a White-headed House Moth. Although common, Lime-speck Pug is still rather attactive. A few micros got away.

With a hot Bank Holiday on the cards it seemed fruitless to go far so I arrived at TH well prior to opening and with spaces still available in the carpark. BoT+C followed by a couple of hours on the east side where plenty of Chrysogaster solstitialis were new out since last visit and a single Anasymia lineata was in virtually the same spot as the last couple of springs. The mini longhorn beetle Grammoptera ruficornis popped up, although I noticed DH had hundreds at Whiteley, and this Burnet Companion was bumbling around in front of the new bench. Pretty much no birds of note other than Sparrowhawk, two Ravens and 20 Black'wits. By lunchtime it was too hot and time for a siesta!

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