Friday, 4 May 2018

Post-shopping jaunt..

After some shopping chores a 45 minute poke about locally produced a couple of broods of Moorhen (four and one), a Buzzard circling and disturbing all the pigeons, the Cettis doing his rounds but sadly no Reed Warblers yet.

Butterfly-wise a fresh Holly Blue was best of the bunch. No new hovers but this Myathropa florea took a liking to my hand!! Also a few unidentifiable Andrenas and Nomadas plus this Common Green Shieldbug (Palomina prasina), Nettle-tap Moth (Anthophila fabriciana) and Eupeodes luniger. Alder Sawfly (Eriocampa ovata)  sat out on a leaf but 'user error' resulted in an unusable photo - a common species but not something I recall seeing and photographing before.

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