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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A 'nil day' awaiting calls and a GP visit so no chance to get out. Last night's Lasioglossum was still roosting on the same stem of lavender this morning and later it and a Megachile or two were investigating flowers.

The pond's reeds are now tall and very thick but it was still surprising to hear a Reed Warbler singing strongly for the first time this year; did they sneak in and breed or is this a mateless male giving it one last go? Still Emperor Dragonflies, Meadow Browns and Commas, a large queen Tree Bumblebee and a Cantharis soldier beetle possibly nigra. The moulting Canada Geese are up to 30.

P.S. The Lasioglossum is obviously a creature of habit as it's back on virtually the same stalk to roost again!!

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