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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Late to bed after returning from QA. Nice to see a few moths in the headlights on the way home.

Exhausted, so up late for trap clearance where, despite hot and humid conditions, still little to shout about. Green Silver Lines is always nice to see as is Buff-tip and this Tree Lichen Beauty was half expected sometime this month. Dark Arches was the only other decent looking macro. A  'getaway' glimpsed briefly looked like Festoon which is a shame as it would have been NfG. Doesn't appear to be any obvious sparrow predation but they must be finding some food as the garden is full of the blighters first thing in the morning.

A brief couple of hours at TH showed the harbour Shelduck had not lost any youngsters. Two Marsh Harriers, one at least was a new juvenile, and a few Sand Martins and Swallows heading out was about it for birds; lots of butterflies of eleven species with two Brimstones and a single Holly Blue being the best. One of the regular visitors pointed out this White Helleborine by the path ; an Ancistrocerus spp in the garden and this wasp spp nearby.

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