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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Missed opportunity..

Tea terrace view

Westmead view

Another poor choice today missing Velvet Scoter, some other seabirds and GWE at Titchfield and 25 Arctic Terns dropped by rain at Blashford - two and a half years since I last saw this species in Hants, also Ibsley Water.

At PB nice to catch up with Alan who kindly showed me the single Whimbrel on the north brooks, I'm guessing nearer Matt Phelps' attic window than the hanger!!! Just a dot even in the scope. Strangely no hirundines at all. Two or three Nightingales, two Lesser Whitethroats and a Sedge Warbler all heard-only new birds for year. The GWE was in front of Little Hanger before disappearing. After yesterday's attempt at spring today was back to grey and depressing with 'double-speed-wipers' on the way home.

Bumped into Gareth and sister, not having seen him for 11 years at work!!

Unsurprisingly bugger all insects.

Brief stop at Waltham produced little other than a very dapper male Stonechat; curious as to why they are pretty much guaranteed here and typically scarce in spring/summer at PB.

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