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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Phwoar Garganey!!

Garganeys are cracking looking ducks and it's good to get them in spring; it's easy to reach the autumn and realise you haven't seen any!
With that in mind reports of seven yesterday at Blashford encouraged me to get up and arrive just after opening where four (two pairs) were both visible joined briefly by two male Mandarins, a species I've not seen here before or maybe forgotten to note down. Sadly, one Tufted Duck had a plastic or rubber ring caught around its bill and neck and was obviously troubled by it.

A couple of Raven came in and landed and it was interesting to see such large and impressive birds indulge in some delicate mutual preening.

Just singles of Sand Martin and Common Tern, three singing Blackcaps, three singing Cettis (two on the reserve and one from the car just prior to the Ringwood roundabout) and a heard-only Kingfisher. Two Sparrowhawks were the best raptors and Buzzards, despite grey and gloomy conditions, still managed double figures including motorway birds. Just a glimpse of one Brambling and a handful of Siskins one of which looked pretty ill.

This, one of two Andrena clarkella, and a female H-fFB in the pond enclosure was about it for insects today.

Plenty of Lapwing and LRP display today.

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