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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Half in bed and half out....

A short visit to a very busy PB curtailed by late-lunchtime rain.A couple of Buzzards and a Kite were high over the western part of the reserve and an unseen Cuckoo was calling from Holly Bush Hill. The Orange Tip stopped briefly above but was distant, backlit and only still for a second.This female adder was sunbathing on top of the corrugation with its head tucked underneath and the baby Grass Snake (last years) was warming up nearby. Hovers were pretty much E. pertinax and a few R.campestris plus the odd Nomada bees.

From the viewpoint the Black-winged Stilt was still sharing the pool with two Avocets and a godwit; others reported Wood Sandpiper and Whimbrel. One or two Nightingales were singing sporadically and I finally laid eyes on a Whitethroat. Probably 40-50 hirundines and Swifts, approximately equal numbers of all four.

Lunch with Pete and tales of South Korea followed by an early departure for home in heavy rain which at least meant the roads were quieter than normal.

Back at base the Cettis seems to have set up home on the island and both Willow Warblers seem to have departed. Just E.balteatus on Ramsons - I don't think Portevinia is ever going to occcur here. Lots of common hovers with E. eligans still the dominant species by number and the odd Nomadas and Andrenas.

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