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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Bu**er it !!

Got back from TH to commit the unthinkable by deleting all the day's photos before downloading whilst chatting and not paying attention!! Not much missing but probably the best summer plumage Dunlin portraits I've got. Damn!!

Far too cold for insects although at least it was fairly calm. The Cuckoo was perched prominently for a while, both harriers were out and about and the Ruff was marginally closer but the Nightingale on the west side had gone quiet. Six Little Terns on south scrape briefly were nice to see and the first I've seen this year but sadly, the Arctic Tern perched on the pink buoy had vanished.

Strangely, from the main hides and out to sea probably just 30+ Swallows and no swifts nor other hirundines; whilst seeing nothing from south hide with another birder, up on Posbrook were 6500+ individuals of these four species!!!

The metal corrugation held four Slow Worms including two three-inchers, small than worms and presumably from last year.

EDIT. Tried to get Kevin to recover the photos from the memory card but he wasn't sure after formatting just what might comeback and it was going to be £30 - £50  so I scrapped that idea, although he did recommend a program called Recuva for future use maybe. Hopefully lesson learnt.

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