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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Queen for a day..

.. A full moon would glow every night
And summer would be everyday...

The mewing of Buzzards is still a rare sound here so it was nice to hear one, throw back the curtains and see three, two normal and one pale, calling, dive-bombing and slo-mo flying high off to the west before drifting back northwards.

A  lot of irate Starling noise on the pond's island was a clue to a female Sparrowhawk which circled upwards disturbing all the pigeons and gulls; probably would have given a decent shot with the zoom lens.

Curiously the out-of-bounds area, after yesterdays little flurry of bees was pretty quiet despite less wind and better temperatures. Conversely the play-area scrub and that behind BPA was full of hovers, albeit mostly the same old stuff plus NfY Myathropa florea and more Bee Flies. Another Nomada spp disapeared before I could focus on it. Lots of sunbathing V. vulgaris queens.

The original Willow Warbler was still present with another one singing on the south side of the field. As I write this more gull alarm calls pointed to a Buzzard, presumably one of this morning's, circling silently - I wonder what the attraction is over the city??

Later in the garden some Honey Bees joined the H-fFBs mostly on Forget-me-not, the/a Bee Fly was sunbathing, this Salticus spp jumping spider and the first female Sphaerophoria spp was buzzing about.

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